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Smash Cake
Smash cake
Smash Cake
6" cake | $40
serves 4-10
Smash Cake
8" cake | $50
serves 10-20
Smash Cake
10" cake | $60
serves 20-30
Smash Cake
6"+8" cake | $90
serves 30-40
Smash Cake
6"+10" cake | $100
serves 40-50
Smash Cake
8"+10"cake | $115
serves 50-60
Sheet Cake
Sheet cake
size and price differ
according to complexity
All cakes are “build your own”. Let us know your desired flavor(s) and/or theme!

Please let us know your flavor choice(s) in your message below

Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Gender Reveal Anniversary Bridal Shower Other

Delivery Pick-up

Placing an order does not confirm the order will be guaranteed. You will get a response to discuss the order and make sure there is availability in the schedule before it’s confirmed. If you have additional questions please feel free to email me at or text me at 717-598-9613.